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Recruiting Form

Recruiting Questionnaire

Dear prospective Student Athlete,

There is no other university in the United States that offers the quality education, college atmosphere, infectious school spirit, and beautiful Southern belles that Alabama boasts. We implore you to take the time and schedule a college tour and visit so that you can see for youself what a truly great university this is.

If you end up choosing Alabama, we guarantee that one of the best experiences you will have in college will be your involvement with the Alabama Lacrosse team. This program has seen a recent surge in success, talent, players and excitement. As an incoming freshman, you are the icing on that cake.

The foundation of our team is the multitude of talented young players we have from all regions of the country. Our 2014 roster boasts players from Maryland, New York, New Jersey, California, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, Louisiana, Connecticut, Indiana, Texas, Michigan, Florida, Alabama. Despite our different backgrounds, we all strive towards the same common goal: excellence on the field and an SELC Conference Championship.

If you would like to come play for Alabama or you are still just looking at colleges, we encourage you to take your time and fill out the Recruiting form. The more detailed responses you can provide, the better we will be able to evaluate how you can contribute to our program.


Please fill out the following questionnaire and email to TideLaxRecruit@yahoo.com so that we can get in touch with you.



High School:






Preferred Email:

Grade (Jr, Sr, Transfer, etc.):



Experience (JV/Varsity, Yrs Played etc.):

Honors & Awards:


Other Information: (Please provide any other comment you want in this section) Please note we do not usually take the time to watch film as we do not have the man power to heavily recruit.